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Free Bass Instruction Videos

These free lessons are full-length samples taken from our ever-expanding video lesson library, which comprises the primary curriculum at AdamNittiMusicEducation.com. The lesson library is divided into 7 key core-competencies that are an integral part of a well-rounded bass education: technique, ear training, applied harmony & theory, improvisation, style studies, reading, and groove & timekeeping.

We hope you will enjoy checking out the lessons and touring the site! We also hope that you will consider joining our online community and allowing us to help you discover your own bass identity! To view our variety of subscription options, click HERE or on the SUBSCRIBE link found in the menu bar.


Adam Nitti
Founder, AdamNittiMusicEducation.com

FREE VIDEO: Pentatonic Approach To Improvising Over ii-V-I's


This lesson is taken from our improvisational lesson library and introduces a concept for improvising over ii-V-I's based on the use of minor pentatonic scales which are displaced from specific target tones over each chord in the progression. A single minor pentatonic form is moved chromatically to create substitution ideas over major ii-V-I's. This is a more sophisticated-sounding concept that fits easily onto the fingerboard and allows the improvising bass player to explore alternative harmonic colors over these progressions. Recommended for intermediate to advanced level players looking to expand their improvisational vocabulary.



FREE VIDEO: Developing Speed and Dexterity Using Tempo Doubling Exercises


This lesson is taken from our technique lesson library and presents a method designed to help players increase their speed dramatically and effectively. Many bass players ultimately hit a wall when working on their speed using traditional "gradual tempo increase" approaches. This is because there is a mental conditioning associated with gradual increases that set up our expectation for difficulty as the tempo rises. These "Tempo Doubling" exercises effectively distract our minds from these expectations, allowing us to jump into higher tempos more suddenly. Recommended for any level of player interested in building their speed and dexterity.


FREE VIDEO: Intro To Slap Bass & Getting A Good Tone


Part 1 of the "Slap Bass Basics" series, which is dedicated to introducing bass players to the slap bass style. This lesson covers the foundational slap, or "thump" technique in particular. The importance of technique and tone is discussed as it applies to this style, and exercises are presented that will help the player to develop these skills effectively. Recommended for any level player interested in learning the basics of the slap bass style.


  • Get a top-quality bass guitar education online that fits into your schedule in the comfort of your own home. It's the most convenient and cost-effective way to get serious about becoming a better bass player!
  • HD streaming video lessons with full transport controls.
  • Lessons for all levels, from beginner to pro.
  • Course topics include: Ear training, technique, improvisation, groove & timekeeping, slap bass, applied theory, and much more!
  • iPhone, iPad, and Android compatible.
  • Choice of membership plans with interactive options.
  • New content added monthly!

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