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Website Photography:
William DiCecca, Chelsea Toler, Jay Denes, Talmage Watson, Cameron Hood, Gabe Mellon, Rusty Russell

'Power Tools' Video Content:
- Recorded at Willowbrooke Studios, Franklin, TN
- Engineer: Jonathan Crone
- Director: Tim Rasmussen
- Camera Operator: Loren Small

Special thanks goes out to:

-Janek Gwizdala and Norm Stockton for their mentorship, encouragement, and guidance with this project
-Keith Thomas for allowing me the use of Willowbrooke Studios for all of the the 'Power Tools' video footage
-Tim Rasmussen for delivering incredible quality video production as well as video editing insight and assistance
-Jeff Huntington and Set Apart Web Design for going way beyond the call of duty and upholding excellence at every stage of this site's development
-Matt Hessinger for invaluable adminsitrative input and guidance
-Stephanie Nitti for her constant support, encouragement, and valuable insight regarding site planning and aesthetics 

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